Saturday, May 24, 2008

Them wacky ole Greens

Carol Brouillet is running for Congress from California's 14th Congressional District as a Green. For many, that alone would qualify her as "wacky", as most of us who have run as Greens in places where Greens are uncommon can attest, but add to that her article at Indy Bay indicates that she believes that there are unanswere3de questions about the events leading up to and following 9-11-2001, so that clearly puts her on the "wacko" list.

Finally, she advocates for Community Currency, saying that we should consider the difference between money and real wealth.

I would guess that for many "mainstream" voters these might in fact make her "wacky", but to be honest, I think that many voters today are so tired of the same old political self-preservation tactics of standard politicians that being a little bit "wacky" may be seen as a Good Thing.

I know that's how I see it. Give me a candidate who is unwilling to take a stand and I'll show you a politician who won't make it unless s/he puts the entire party choke collar on and tows the line like a good serf.
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