Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bury My Heart In Arcata

Actually, I have been thinking a good deal about how I want my body disposed of once I am dead. Since I have no religious objection, organ harvesting is a given, but then what? Donate my body to a university or medical school? Have myself dis-membered and parts spread across the planet for Search and Rescue teams to use in training? Cremate me and use the ash in a glaze for pottery?

Another option, from the good folks in Arcata, CA, is a "Green Cemetery". I'll admit that I haven't read the full piece, but I believe the basic idea is similar to the Jewish tradition of wrapping the dead in a cloth and burying them without the use of preservatives, making the old "dust to dust" thing a reality.

Wanna know more? Then just click this link.
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