Tuesday, May 27, 2008

South Carolina Greens to Bush & Co: We Object!

The Carolinas Respond to Bush's Speech at Furman

Join your fellow Greens at Furman 5/31/2008.

The South Carolina Green Party and the York County (SC) Greens are co-sponsoring a protest and demonstration at Furman University on May 31st as President Bush delivers a speech to the students and faculty of that university. The protest is also co-sponsored by The Greenville Anti-War Society, the South Carolina Progressive Network, the Carolina Peace Resource Center, and Code Pink. In addition, the event is sponsored by Operation Democracy, part of MoveOn.org, Aiken Peace, No More Victims, the Freedom Group and finally, Veterans for Peace.

To join in, click the link above and look for your fellow Greens once you get there, or drop us a note in advance at GreggJocoy29715@yahoo.com
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