Sunday, May 25, 2008

Libertarian Party convention

I hesitate to write about this here because, in truth, I don't do other parties very often. There are few enough places to find news about the Green Party as it is without having to share that space with other parties.

Even so, the Libertarians have much in common in terms of policy with the Greens. Often I think we come at things from different directions to reach similar goals, but one cannot deny that the differences between Greens and Libertarians are substantial.

If the Green Party had rules as loose as the Libertarians apparently are, who knows who may have popped up at the last moment to ask for our nomination. I can imagine that Senator Gravel might have come to us if he had thought he had any chance at all. Similarly, at some point in the future, there may be a Democrat or Republican doing well enough to jump ship early on and make better than 5% on election day. For example, if Edwards had left the Democratic Party just after Super Tuesday and brought his campaign staff with him, I have little doubt that he would have secured more than 5 %.

I must say right here and now that I firmly believe that Cynthia McKinney can do that for us as well. In addition, Congresswoman McKinney brings new constituencies to the party, many successful campaigns, and a record of accomplishment and long term positive relations with the Green Party that make her our best candidate.

That does not diminish the other three candidates. I thought that Kent Mesplay was a good candidate in 2004, and in fact, I believe he would have beaten Cobb if he had traveled as Cobb did. I think Kat Swift is a party star on the rise. Her unwillingness to be daunted by the tasks she faces is wonderful, and I have little doubt that she has endeared herself to Greens who put a high value on ballot access. I believe Jesse Johnson brings talents to the party which we have not had access to before both because he was not a Green and because his state party was not affiliated.

Today, all four of our candidates are securely Green. All four are heads-on-straight candidates. All four understand the Green Party's Ten Key Values, and all four are committed to the growth and future of the party. We are blessed indeed.

With that in mind, the Libertarian Party has just opted out of nominating Gravel. Gravel won 71 votes in round 1, 73 in round 2, 78 in round 3 and 76 in round 4. He was in last place in round 4, and was eliminated.

Now these are in round 5.

Former Congressman Bob Barr who won 202 votes in the last round

Mary Ruwart, a Libertarian Party activist, won 202 votes as well

Wayne Allen Root, who I guess is also a Libertarian Party activist, won 149 votes.

These results just in from Round 5:

Barr - 223

Ruwart - 229

Root - 165

Root eliminated.
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