Saturday, May 17, 2008

Doing what I can

Over the past month three local Greens have shown The Story of Stuff each week in a local public library. Until last week the three of us had no visitors. Why? Apparently not enough publicity, and that was my fault.

Last week was different. Eight others showed up, and while one of the "regulars" was unable to make it that night, Bryan and I did our best to answer questions and think about what we had seen.

One of the folks who attended the event mentioned the MILLIONS of TV sets which will be headed for the planet's landfills over the next few months as we face the prospect of no TV at all because of the transition to digital TV.

Many people are unaware that they will not have to toss out their "old" TV sets, but will only need a digital converter box. In fact, for many of us, digital TV may offer us a chance to get off cable TV and back onto FREE TV.

With that in mind, I registered the domain and

The idea is to let people know some facts about TV and TV sets.

For example, Mr. and Ms. TV Watcher, how much TV do you think your kids should watch? How much do they actually watch? Where can you get a digital converter box, and how much will it cost? Where can I recycle my old TV?

I have the domain names, but no content, and no idea how to get a website to "go live" short, if it's not set up *for me*, (like Blogger is) I have no idea how to get the idea from my mind to the web.

If you can help, won't you drop me a line?

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