Sunday, April 27, 2008

A New Menu of Candidates

One thing that differentiates we Greens from the corporate parties is that we trust our members and supporters to work on behalf of our issues without having to tow the party line. Wanna set up a website to promote Green Party candidates? Go ahead and get started!

The folks over at New Menu have taken the step of setting up a website to do just that, and one of the people listed at the site is Bryan Smith, a local member of the Green Party and a member of our state steering committee. This is Bryan's second run for office.

This time through Bryan will be running as a Green in a partisan race. The New Menu website set up for his campaign looks great. I only wish it had a method to give to candidates as well!

At any rate, take a look at Bryan's campaign and New Menu in general and I think you will see seeds of Green victories.
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