Friday, October 26, 2007

Pat LaMarche faces fine for sloppy paperwork

Are you good with paperwork? You know, crossing every T and dotting every i? I'm not. I even got fired from a job for filing a photocopy of a receipt I had already been reimbursed for by accident. That sure took a bite out of my hide, and frankly, it was 100% boo-boo.

Now it would appear that Pat LaMarche's campaign for Governor in Maine may face similar problems, although no one seems to be at risk of loosing a job! The Sun Journal is reporting that LaMarche faces up to $400 in fines for paperwork violations of state record keeping laws. I am not trying to diminish the importance of complying with the law. They report that every gubernatorial campaign had similar problems.

WMTW also reports on this situation, and points out that LaMarche has already conceded that human error was involved.

The actual documents relating to the case are in PDF format here.

LaMarche's willingness to admit that mistakes were made raises her in my estimation.
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