Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cindy Sheehan announces: McKinney is running for President

This video is from "Impeach at the Beach", an event Northern CA Greens pulled together as I understand it.

In the video Sheehan says that Rep. McKinney is running for President, and Rep. McKinney is waving a green flag and wearing a green shirt.

One thing that this video brings up though, that we Greens cannot ignore, is Sheehan saying that she gets threatened every week. These people, folks like McKinney and Sheehan, are in need of and deserving of a serious security plan whenever we are working with them. Likewise any person with a high profile, and at any of our more public events. We should always be aware of who is around and what they are doing. Non-violence is one of our principles, not theirs.
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