Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Univ of FL sez:Democrats don't own anti-war voters

In a report you can find right here, Cathy Keen sites research by Fabio Rojas which breaks down the anti-war voter this way:

40% are Democrats
2% are Republicans
39% are independents
20% are "third party, like the Greens"

Of course, pretty much all smaller parties oppose the war. Libertarians, Constitution Party folks, Greens and others all oppose the war, but for different reasons. Constitution Party members oppose the war because it was not properly declared. Had the Congress declared war against the government of Iraq, one might assume they would be OK with it.

Libertarians oppose the war for the same reason, and also because the war represents a sort of imperialism, which, to their credit, Libertarians oppose.

But we Greens oppose the war for all these reasons, and because we believe differently about violence. As a good Southerner might say, "We're a'gin it." The question is not one of finding the right way to fight a war, but of finding ways to promote justice with non-violence as a goal.

Anyway, the bottom line is, with 20% telling pollsters that they support "third parties like the Green Party", this might be a year when Greens break out across the nation with success.

And that would be a very good thing.
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