Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Great things happening in Reading

I've never been to Reading PA, but somehow I am under the impression that there are a few communities in PA a bit bigger.

Of course, that's good for us. By holding our national convention is a city of more modest size we were able to generate some excitement that might, in a larger community, fade as fast as summer dew. I know that, for example, if Ralph Nader, Head Roc and Cynthia McKinney were to come to Rock Hill, SC, many folks would be talking about the impact of their visits for some time to come.

But the fine folks of Reading PA are in for a longer term impact than just reverberations from an exciting weekend. An article in the Reading Eagle tells of two newly minted Green candidates for Reading City Council, joining their Mayoral candidate, and a fourth candidate announcing for Clerk of Court.

Now that's what I call a long term impact.
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Great stuff. Video for Pullano for Mayor of Reading: http://wilderside.wordpress.com/2007/07/23/daily-greens-pullano-for-mayor-of-reading-pa/
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