Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stealing again

One of the things that upsets some folks is the idea that the Green Party is not a "Democratic Party the way it should be". One reason I am concerned about Phil Huckleberry is the oft reported statement he made saying something to the effect of "I didn't join the Green Party to hurt the Democrats." That sort of talk makes me very uncomfortable.

You see, the Democratic Party never was a green party. The Democratic Party has forever and always been a party of wealthy white men using poor people to secure favor for their friends and family. From protecting and promoting the spread of slavery to a policy of genocide which succeeded in reducing the indigenous population to a tiny portion of their previous numbers. The Democratic Party has from it's inception and to this day been a party of war, not reconciliation. It has been a party of empire and oppression with such a deep roots in military, industrial, financial and service industries that it's leadership is almost indistinguishable from the membership of Corporate America's board rooms.

But, them's jest my thinkin...'til now.

It seems that a certain William P. Meyers thinks the Democratic Party is not worthy of your time. He believes instead that we should focus energy on trying to make the Green Party into the second party in parts of the nation where there is, in reality, only one party. He gives, as an example, northern California, where, in some places, the Green Party has already supplanted the Republicans as the second party.

The flip side of that is the areas where the Republican Party have a stranglehold. Here where I live, for example, the Republican Party controls every seat on the County Council, so, if we win one seat on the County Council we become, in reality, the second party in our "two party" system.

But, Mr. Meyers says it far better than I do. Hit the link above, read what he has to say, and leave him a comment if you're so inclined. I think he made our points very well indeed.
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