Friday, August 10, 2007

Green Campaign Training School in TN

Billed as a "Southeastern" campaign training school, the event will be held at The Farm in Summertown, TN. Scheduled from August 24th to August 26th, with the 25th the day of the main event, the training session will feature Brent McMillan, national party political director. It will be held at The Ecovillage Training Center.

An eight hour drive for us here in York County SC, but a five and a half hour drive from Atlanta, a six hour drive from St. Louis, a ten hour drive from Davenport, Iowa, eight hours from Springfield, MO, and ten and a half hours from Dallas, TX.

It's also an eight hour drive from New Orleans.

So, my point is, a LOT of Greens should consider this a prime-time opportunity to sign up and learn from the party's most eminent political trainer. If there is any way that you can make this exceptionally cheap campaign training school, you simply must attend. If you plan to do anything at all, from organizing to just giving a few dollars, you really should make this campaign training school. Click on the link and get your fine self out to The Farm, and get educated by the best we have.

Here is an agenda of sorts for the training.

1) What Every Green Candidate Should Know.

Following the 2004 general election a questionnaire was sent out by the Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC) to all the Green candidates who ran. With the luxury of hindsight, candidates reflected and shared their experiences of what worked best, and what could have been better. Then CCC member, Susan Fawcett, compiled these into a checklist of things candidates and their campaign committees should have in mind before deciding to run for office that was released on Jan 29, 2005.

Brent McMillan, Political Director for the Green Party of the United States will take participants through this checklist along with handouts and additional information.

This workshop is for those that are considering running for office for the first time or who want to work on a campaign. That's not to say that those that have run before or worked on campaigns can not also benefit from this workshop.

2)Fundraising for Candidates.

The best person to do fundraising for a campaign is the candidate.

This workshop is for both those that are considering running for office for the first time and those who have run before.

Comment from a participant when this workshop was delivered at the Annual National Meeting in Tulsa was, "I which I had known this stuff the first time I ran, it would have been much stronger campaign."

3) Working with the Media.

Often time we hear from greens who have run for office that they were unable to get any coverage from the Media. In the process of interviewing them about it, one of the questions regurlaly asked was, "how many press releases did you put out?" A typical answer is, "We put one out when we announced and did a couple of others throughout
the campaign." No wonder were not getting much media!

This workshop will explore building relationships with people in the media and how to get more coverage. Topics will also include: how to write a press release, what is the difference between a press release and a press advisory, and how to structure and deliver your message.

Also, Grey Newman, GP member and head of his county conservation comission from NC will contribute to the fundraising presentation and talk about how to get out the vote and watch the polls on election day.
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