Monday, July 30, 2007

Green Institute Chair Anita Rios pushes Dr. Jared Ball for Green nomination

The same fine folks who brought us the disastrous David Cobb campaign are at it again. Anita Rios, former co-chair of the national Green Party and current chair of the Green Institute, has written a piece about Jared Ball, PhD, of Washington DC, and his campaign for the Green nomination.

Are we incapable of finding a woman to seek this office? Why, this far in advance of the nominating convention, is the Green Institute lining up behind yet another man with an advanced degree, making him part of the what, 15% of American's with a doctorate? Lawyers and others with advanced degrees are not the only folks with valuable ideas.

How do I know that the Green Institute is behind Ball's campaign? Well, I may be wrong. I am certain that the people associated with the Green Institute are checking their Ps & Qs to be sure they are not breaking any rules, but please...

I got a solicitation from the Green Institute in the mail recently, and it was FULL of Dr. Jared Ball. Dr. Jared Ball speaking at the Social Forum in Atlanta. Dr. Jared Ball as a "Communication Director" of the Green Institute. Dr. Jared Ball and Hip Hop. Dr. Jared Ball and Domestic Colonialism. And now the same people who run the Green Institute are running Dr. Jared Ball's campaign? How long will it be before Ted Glick, John Rensenbrink, Gray Newman, Jack Uhrich and the rest of the Cobb forces declare their support for yet another useless Presidential bid?

And now I read at Detroit Greens that Anita Rios is running Dr. Jared Ball's presidential campaign.

Personally, I think the time has come for someone serious to announce and run. These non-entities running for offices they are not qualified to fill, with no other benefit to the party, only make us seem irrelevant. No amount of campaigning by a person with no experience, no following, and no money will help us grow the party. Cobb's campaign did not create or expand even one Green Party chapter. Dr. Jared Ball will have the same level of success.

And we don't need the Green Institute to choose our candidates.
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Interesting how little of this post actually has to do with who i am. Yes, I have a Ph.D. but nobody familiar with my work, academic or otherwise, could possibly suggest this is something that separates me (or is even taken seriously by me) from those 85% i am supposedly removed from. Of course, this author, knowing very little about me, can say nothing about me, my work or the fact that if a qualified woman – who is a member of the party – runs or is nominated ill gladly support her. Ive said as much about either Cynthia McKinney or Elaine Brown (for instance). But deal with me, who i am and why im running before dismissing my rightful attempt to gain the party's nomination, that is, if you are genuinely interested in building a party.

Jared Ball
Dr. Ball,

You know in politics, it matters a lot who you hang out with and who funds you.

Not sure if you have a paying gig at the Green Institute, or if they cover stuff for you. But, if they do, then you really have to own them.

Also, I would love for you to be a real candidate. You could start by talking to real greens. (Having Anita Rios as a go between is not a good start.)

The mistake almost all of our canidates have made, is to hide behind campaign staff. And, to usually hire rude and aloof campaign staff.

Actual phone calls to real greens would be great. Having an e-mail where people can actually reach you would be great.

Or, at least, have someone to write polite fan mail.

It is easy to get lost in someone else's agenda. That is the big fear with you coming from the Green Institute.

As a p.s., and to end on a positive note, it was very respectful that you came to the Presidential Forum. And, you did do a great job.
Here I am talking. Hiding? please. You are not paying attention or doing your homework. Your anger is misplaced. I left a weblink, there is a toll free #, email, website, i am probably the most accessible un"real" candidate you have ever heard of. Our campaign isnt even 30 days old so to, A) suggest i dont talk to "real greens" (or that i am not one myself or in constant work and association with other "real greens") and B) that i would have by now been expected to have spoken to every green is absurd. Do your homework, show some effort to your immediate dismissal of me. And do it not for me but out of genuine concern for your party as you are supposedly a "real green."
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