Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Green Pages needs your articles!

David McCorquodale sent a message to the GNC listserv calling for articles, photos, OpEds and cartoons for the next issue of Green Pages. Get busy folks! To read his entire letter, including guidelines for Green Pages, just hit the "Read more!" link below...
This is a remainder to submit your Op.Eds., Cartoons, Pictures or State Reports to Green Pages for the Summer issue. Please pass this on to your states, caucuses and committees.

Green Pages, the national newspaper of the Green Party of the United States,is looking for concise opinion pieces (op-eds) for the summer, 2007 issue, as well as
timely reports from states, caucuses, and committees. (Please see reports guidelines below.)

Opinion submissions are evaluated by the entire editorial board on the basis of relevance, timeliness, writing quality, research quality and diversity. A
publishable opinion piece is informative, grounded in fact, and uses logical argument to make its case. Topics specific to Greenissues preferred.


-Op-eds (max 800 words) and letters to the editor (max 200 words) should be sent by May 15 to greenpages@greens.org.

-Unsolicied news briefs (max 350 words) should be sent by May 15 to greenpages@greens.org .

-Cartoons, illustrations, and charts should be sent by May 15 to ninth.st@verizon.net.

-Photos for op-eds, photos of Greens in action for unsolicited news briefs, with captions and photographer credits, should be sent by May 15 to the section editor who is receiving the related article. Please indicate forwhich story they are intended.

-Head shots for op-eds should be sent by May 15 to Deyva Arthur at darthur@nycap.rr.com.

-State reports (max 300 words) or Caucus or committee reports (max 300 words) should be sent by May 15 to mccorq@comcast.net or contact if expecting late breaking news. Please note that any state report concerning election results, it may be included in the elections section.

-Photos or logos for state/caucus/committee reports, with captions and photographer credits, should be sent by May 15 to mccorq@comcast.net. Please indicate which
report they concern.

***If you have story ideas that don't fall into the above categories, get in touch with us at greenpages@greens.org.

***All text should be sent as an attached Word document. Include a byline indicating your Green affiliation (i.e. in what state, if any, you are registered). Word counts will be strictly enforced. Submissions that are longer than the word counts
suggested above or that are received after the due date will not be considered.***


Whenever possible, we strongly encourage you to identify Greens from your state/caucus/committee with a journalism/media background to prepare the state
report and photos. In most cases, the person/s who have knowledge about what has happened in the past couple of months would best be used as a source for the reporter rather than actually writing the report.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

-Reports should be kept to a maximum of 300 words. If you have a longer feature in mind about major events in your state, or a profile of a Green officeholder or
activist who has accomplished something of note that would make a good feature story for Green Pages, please contact Deyva Arthur at darthur@nycap.rr.com as soon as possible with a brief query.

-Reports should have an emphasis on newsworthiness. Some examples: accomplishments, recognitions, trends, major plans(e.g., the state plans to run a full slate of candidates next year), new projects in the works, etc.

-Think about your piece visually and find out early on who can provide a photograph to run with the text.

-Reports are news briefs and should follow basic journalism standards. In general we suggest that reports follow traditional inverted pyramid format (i.e. the most important information should be at the top-if the editors need to cut the report due to space constraints, they should be able to cut the last paragraph first, then the second-to-last paragraph, etc.)

-Use the third person ("they"), not first person("we") in reporting about your states/caucus/committee activities. Avoid editorializing in the reports-just report on the facts about what's happening in the state/caucus/committee. Stick to the basics: what, when, where, why, who, and how.

-Consider using brief quotes to give voice to Greens, to offer different viewpoints and perspectives, and for reader interest.

-Be concise! Edit out any extra words or phrases. Identify somebody ahead of time who can edit your piece to cut out the fat.

-Avoid cliches. We get a lot of reports that include lines like, "It isn't easy being Green in XX state," or "XX state is working hard and is Green and growing," or other generalizations. While we appreciate the sentiments, space for reports is limited, and we ask that you focus on issues and actions.

-Avoid long lists and other information that make for dull reading.

-Plan accordingly. Identify one or more writers, photographers, and editor/coordinators early on. We really appreciate early submissions. Late submissions cannot be accepted.

-Submit text as a Word document. Include a byline indicating the reporter's Green affiliation (i.e. in what state, if any, they are registered).

-Photos should be JPGs, 200 dpi or larger, at a physical size (height and width) that they should be printed at. Minimum size is 1.875 inches wide(one column wide--for head shots, for example. Submit larger photos if they include many people or
complicated activity.). Include who should be credited for the photo, and the photographer's Green affiliation (i.e. in what state, if any, they are registered). Be sure to include a one-sentence caption with the photo to explain the content of the photo to readers.

For complete submission guidelines, the Green Pages editorial policy and a style sheet, visit: http://www.gp.org/greenpages/submissions.php

Still have questions? Reach us at greenpages@greens.org.

David McCorquodale
Delaware delegate and Co-chair, Green Pages
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