Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How many Greens get to go from your state?

The GNC passed a resolution to change the way that delegation size is determined. The new rules establish a variety of ways to determine state party strength. For example, in addition to "how many people live in your state" we now add "how many races did your state engage in" and "how many elected Greens are there in your state".

The committee charged with putting all the information together so they can submit a list of each state and how many delegates they are entitled to, met for the first time formally last night. Cat Woods, who is not the co-chair, conducted the meeting. There were quite a few in attendance, representatives from five different states, enough to constitute a formal committee. I was an observer. The committee, which included some of the party's most active and vocal leaders, worked very smoothly, and after about an hour and fifteen minutes, all the assignments had been assigned and the work was underway.

There is not a bunch more to report. The committee decided (wisely in my opinion) to leave the archives of the committee's work open for review by anyone so inclined. Don't push as you try to get to those records! ~Laugh~ Oh well, maybe a few folks will take a look. I consider it a real accomplishment to get this committee going, and I comment the people who are making it happen. If you would be willing to participate in this committee, drop me a note and I will gladly do what I can to hook you into the committee's work. It's dull, but critical.
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