Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Angry White Liberal speaks

In a piece at the Montgomery, MD Greens blog, "Angry White Liberal" takes General Pace to task for his position on gays in the armed forces.
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A.W.L. here.....

My intended point was not to single out Peter Pace for being a bigot (it seems that you have to be one in order to get anywhere in the military) but to make a different point. Compared to the current REPUGnican leadership Alan Simpson comes off as a moderate.

Dear mother of god, think about that for a moment.

Alan Simpson, Orrin Hatch's counterpart in the U.S. Senate, comes off sounding today as a moderate! It seems to me that the political situation today is worse than it was in the eighties. Read my 3/26 posting about John Ashcroft. I NEVER thought that I'd see the day -- much less see the day come so soon -- when people would actually look with nostalgia upon his term as Attorney General.

I must agree with my Mother: Things are getting worse, not better.
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