Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Proof (if any were needed) that the Green Party matters

In articles at Ballot Access News editor Richard Winger reports that neither Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor nor any of Arkansas' Representatives in Congress will face major party opposition in November.

If any proof that the Republicans and Democrats see precious little difference between themselves, this is it folks.

Fortunately, the Green Party is on the ball, and all these political hacks will face Greens at the ballot box come November. Go Arkansas Greens!

On a more personal note, I hope to be back to regular blogging in a week or so. Family health issues have gotten more intense, and between offering what little help I can and trying to keep my micro-business from turning into a micro-micro business, I have had little time to properly keep the blog up and running with regular posts.

Peace out gang...and keep your chin up. We will win. We must.
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Monday, March 03, 2008

Recorded from Death Row

And I don't mean Death Row Records...I mean death row. The recording is by the Prison Radio Project, and is a recording of observations by Mumia Abu Jamal about Cynthia McKinney's campaign for President as a Green. You can listen to it at Cynthia McKinney's website.
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