Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cincinnati host to 25 running for nine seats

Remember when Gary Coleman ran for Governor? Well, it would seem that Cincinnati has something along that line every couple of years, as more than two dozen people are running for a seat on the City Coumcil. Apparently some of the candidates are Greens.
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Hi, Gregg. I'm with the Southwest Ohio Green Party, the local branch in Cincinnati. You're right, our biennial City Council field election always draws a couple of dozen candidates. The Green Party is running its strongest candidate ever this year, Justin Jeffre. His campaign site is at:

Jeffre's initial career was as a member of the popular pop group 98 Degrees. He toured the world with the group, and told people wherever he went how great Cincinnati is. In 2005, he ran for Mayor here as an independent. He's been heavily involved in the local Green Party since then, and is also one of the minds behind a popular local political blog/newspaper, the Cincinnati Beacon ( ). He's a fixture at anti-war and pro-labor demonstrations and frequently provides video coverage of candidates and activists for the Beacon.

Jeffre has converted an old bookmobile into a "mobile communications unit" featuring the central themes of his campaign - you can see some pictures at


(probably available until Election Day).
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