Sunday, July 29, 2007

Don't piss off a Democrat...they will throw you in jail.

In an earlier post I wrote that many of us run the risk of going to jail. I am sure that most of us were thinking about the Bush Co administration locking up disidents, but the Democrats have shown themselves as eager to throw us into the hoosegow as Republicans.

Case in point? Carolyn Bninski. After visiting the office of Congressman Mark Udall of Colorado, she and five others were arrested. Their crime? Reading aloud a list of names of those killed in the Democrat's and Republican's war on Iraq.

The Metro Denver Greens are holding up their end of the bargain by protesting these arrests.

Geeze...Democrats and Republicans don't have to spend their time dealing with this sort of crap..perhaps because they need more time to kneel before their corporate sponsors, sucking money from
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